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Works by Christian Zander
Title: Apollinaire

Timelapse photography (and a surface relief sculpture) by Sam Burford.
Title: Henry Austin Dobson

Fractal scapes by batjorge
Title: Wikipedia

Impossible Architecture by Victor Enrich

Kinmen Passenger Service Center by Tom Wiscombe

WMS Boathouse by Studio Gang

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share with you guys that as of next week I will begin graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania! I will be working on my Masters of Architecture for the next three years and I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship for the duration of my time at Penn! I know I have neglected ARCHSY but I’ve been super busy with applications and moving. Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to Chicago and hello to Philly! I’m hoping to create a hybrid blog along with ARCHSY to document my graduate school experience. More news to come!

Happy blogging and thanks for remaining loyal to ARCHSY!